Moringa Benefits for Hair Backed by Science

You’ve probably heard by now about the amazing health benefits of Moringa. But did you know that moringa is not only a powerful superfood but also an amazing supplement for thick beautiful hair? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we discuss the amazing benefits for hair that Moringa can provide.

What is Moringa?

So, in case you haven’t heard, moringa is a tree, and it’s known as ‘the miracle tree’ – with good reason. The Moringa tree and all of its parts (yes you can even eat the bark) is loaded with vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and just about every amino acid your body needs (essential amino acids), and when we consume moringa supplements, or use moringa oil on our skin and hair, we can take advantage of some of the wonderful properties of this plant and the amazing benefits it can provide. In this article, we of course will cover the benefits of Moringa for hair, but don’t forget to check out some of moringa’s other amazing health benefits.

How does Moringa Oil Grow Hair?

Ok, so moringa is amazing – I already knew that – but how can it give me thick, beautiful, full-bodied hair. Let’s jump into it.

Moringa is loaded with vitamins necessary for hair growth You probably already knew that vitamins are important for your overall health and well-being, but did you know that your hair also needs vitamins in order to grow properly?

Hair, you see, like all other parts of your body, is comprised of cells, and in order to repair these cells and in order to grow new ones, your body needs specific vitamins on a regular basis. In the case of your hair, these vitamins can be applied directly to the hair (in some cases) or can be ingested by the body orally, at which point your body sends them to the appropriate place to help restore your hair

Here is a list of vitamins that your body needs to have the building blocks necessary creating beautiful thick hair:

Vitamin A and Moringa

All cells in your body need vitamin A for growth. This includes hair cells. Hair cells need more of it in fact because hair is actually the fastest growing tissue in the human body.

Moringa oil (from the moringa seeds) and moringa powder (from the moringa tree leaves) are loaded in Vitamin A, so by using the oil or a supplement or eating the powder, you are giving your body an essential nutrient it needs to grow hair.

The B Vitamins and Moringa

Similarly, your body also needs b vitamins in order to grow and maintain proper cell growth, including hair cells. Biotin deficiencies have actually been linked to hair loss, so if you are losing hair you may not be getting enough biotin.

Luckily moringa is loaded with biotin and other b vitamins, so by consuming moringa in the form of a supplement or by using moringa oil in your hair on a daily basis, you are giving your hair cells this essential vitamin needed to rebuild hair cells and to maintain hair growth.

Vitamin C and Moringa

You’ve probably heard of free radical damage, but did you know free radical damage can actually block hair growth and can cause your hair to age? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which can help guard against free radical damage and can reverse and protect against oxidative stress. Vitamin C also is necessary for your body to create a substance known as collagen, which is an important part of your hair cell structure

Incredibly, moringa also contains high levels of vitamin c. so, again, by using moringa you are giving your body what it needs to grow and maintain the health of hair.

Vitamin E and Moringa

Similar to vitamin C, vitamin E is important for hair growth. And it plays an important role in preventing oxidative stress. In one study, for example, people with hair loss experienced a 34.5% increase in hair growth after supplementing with vitamin E for 8 months. Incredible! And the placebo group only experienced a 0.1% increase.

Moringa is loaded with vitamin E as well. So moringa can help you increase hair growth by increasing your vitamin E.

Okay, so we covered some of the most important vitamins, what about minerals and essential amino acids needed to grow hair? Yup, moringa’s got that as well.

The Iron in Moringa improves blood flow

Iron has also been linked to hair growth. Although the mechanisms are not well understood, it is thought that iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to your cells, including your hair cells. And Iron deficiency, which causes anemia (not as many red blood cells doing this) is a known cause of hair loss. This cause of hair loss is particularly high in women.

Fortunately, as you might have guessed by now, Moringa is a great source of iron, which can help your body carry oxygen to the cells that need it.

Zinc in Moringa helps repair and grow new hair cells

Hair loss is a common symptom of zinc deficiency. That’s because zinc plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair. Zinc can also help with oil gland functioning in the body, which is important to help keep hair follicles healthy.

Moringa is an excellent source of zinc, and it can help keep hair follicles healthy if applied to the hair or if taken as a daily supplement.

Essential Amino Acids and Moringa

Amino Acids, or proteins, are important building blocks for cell tissue repair and hair growth, and consuming enough protein and getting the essential amino acids is very important for hair growth. Some animal studies, have show that protein deficiency may decrease hair growth and lead to hair loss.

Amazingly, moringa actually contains all of the essential amino acids. So if you want to grow your hair and prevent hair loss, supplementing with moringa or using moringa oil in your hair may be a great way to achieve your goal.

Omega 3s and Moringa

Did you know that moringa is a great plant-based source of omega 3s? You’ve probably heard about how omega 3s can be a great source of antioxidants, but did you know that they can also help thicken your hair. Omega 3s can actually increase hair growth and also increase the diameter and density of hair strands. So if you are a vegetarian or a vegan and want to get thick hair or just increase your omega 3 consumption, moringa can be of benefit.

Best Moringa Oils (In our opinion)

If you’re gotten this far, chances are you may be interested in trying out some moringa oil. Here are some of our favorite picks:

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sva moringa

SVA Organic Moringa Oil

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  • Organic, therapeutic grade pressed USDA certified moringa oil
  • This moringa oil is not tested on animals
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  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B & Vitamin C that makes the oil a perfect choice for body massage as well as scalp massage without making the skin oily & greasy.
  • Vitamin C that is amazing for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

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Sun Tribe Moringa Oil

Sun Tribe Moringa Oil

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As you can see, Moringa hair benefits are numerous. Moringa is a powerful superfood and is loaded with amazing health properties that can help restore, improve, and increase your hair growth. It has all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and essential acids your body needs to make thick, full-bodied hair. We recommend taking a moringa supplement, adding moringa powder to your smoothie, or else getting some organic moringa oil and putting it in your hair once or twice a day while you are taking your daily shower. If you guys enjoyed this article, please share and be sure to check out our other supplement related articles! Thanks for visiting!

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